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Democracy?! Really?!

From: Erin S LaPorte - eslaporte@reformnato.org
Date: 4/18/2001
Time: 4:27:39 PM
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Democracy is a great thing, that is, democracy based on indiviual liberty, the equality of ALL persons. I have read some of the works of Clarence K. Streit, Ted Achilles, Lester Pearson. and others

However - what I see going on today is not the ideas of all persons having equal rights of freedom of speech and political equality, but that some messages and speakers are of "greater value" than others.

I am especially interested in the problems currently in Kosovo and the Balkans, where, it appears, that the human rights of the Serbian people are of "less value" than those of ethnic -Albanians and Bosnian Muslims. The hundreds years old cultural assests of the Serbian people are being whiped off the face of the Earth - and the "international community" and NATO just don't seem to - well give a darn! At least, not as much as in accusations of so-called "Serbian repression. There are many of us speaking out in the strongest term against the contiuned NATO led actions against the Serbian people, including from the Alliance's narco-terrorist allies, the so-called "Kosovo Liberation Army." All of the mayhem - usually directed AT Serbs from NATO and like forces - is being perversely called "speading democracy."

We are not being listened to - and - even being shut out the democratic debate on the issue of Kosovo and the Balkans. Democratic?! Freedom of speech and expression and liberty?! NOT! No - not when there are some "favorite groups" such as the ethnic Albanians, who appear to have more political rights than the rest of us.

In fact - it would not surprise if this message was either removed, or not posted and deleted. That is how much "democracy" and "freedom of speech" there is in this rush to "spead democracy." The truth is that we are losing democracy - freedom of speech, human liberty and throw in that the rule of law.

No matter how much many of us scream out here at the injustices in East Europe, the elite, self - appointed, global ruling class, the global emperors, will just keep on supporting Albanian terrorism and NATO's continued persecution of the Serbian people. This is NOT "democracy," but a global oligarchy for the self appointed "kings." We are losing the democracy we have and are slipping back into the days of princes and peasants!

"United all democracies" is a great idea, but first and foremost we need to GET democracy in the first place!


ES LaPorte Reform NATO! webmaster. www.reformnato.org Tallahassee, Florida - USA

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