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Re: Democracy?! Really?!

From: eslaporte@reformnato.org
Date: 12/8/2001
Time: 11:27:08 AM
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First - I am sorry about not giving a timely reply. The reason why I am very upset is that I continue to see demonization of the Serbian people (and other human groups, such as the Iraqis) as some kind of subhuman, anti-democratic hord coming from those preaching "tolerance and multiethnic democracy" for Kosovo. I am seeing this anti-ethnic downright racist sentiments from those who wish to "spread democracy." I have seen this intolerance from the website that AUD is associated with! Demonization of ANY human group - such as the Serbs - is intolerance and anti-democratic! So - it is high time that AUD and like promoters of democracy distance themselves from demonizers and hatemongers!

ESLaPorte www.reformnato.org

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