Why Create a Euro-Atlantic Freedom Network?

The unprecedented solidarity of NATO countries demonstrated after the attacks of September 11 created a unique mood of solidarity in the Euro-Atlantic area. The attacks have confirmed the need to protect and promote democratic values, freedom and civil society throughout the world. Before the tragic events of September 11 many opponents of NATO argued that there was no common threat to Euro-Atlantic security from outside the area. It is now clear that this view was a mistake.

Recent events in Iraq have seen the return of old disagreement in new appearances and new rhetoric, and today there is no consensus about the ways of protecting democracy and structure of future security. Both Europeans, who are afraid of American "hegemony" and would like to see the enlarged Europe become a political entity with stronger foreign policy, and American isolationists, who suggest withdrawing from Europe, challenge the role and importance of NATO and the transatlantic community.

Nevertheless, America would be unable to defend its security and values without its European allies, and European integration would not be possible without American support and protection. Euro-Atlantic cooperation needs to be protected from various political challenges both in the United States and in Europe. But it should also be developed into a more open, modernized concept, which would aim to spread democracy beyond Cold War borders. All this cannot be achieved by the will of governments alone -civil society and non-governmental actors should take the lead in this process.

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What is EAFN?

This initiative aims at promoting democratization through integration in the Euro-Atlantic community. It tries to link together all like-minded organizations, foundations, academic circles, and individuals in NATO countries, Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union. It more specifically seeks to build strong relationships between persons within NATO countries, Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union. EAFN addresses four major areas and issues:

  • Promoting freedom, democracy and the rule of law as the fundamental foundations of the Euro-Atlantic system;

  • The response of the Euro-Atlantic community to the new security and political challenges;

  • The trans-Atlantic community vis--vis Europe; NATO-EU relations; Atlanticism and European integration not as antagonists but as complementary parts of a broader concept of community of democracies;

  • Democratization through integration in the Euro-Atlantic community; NATO enlargement and reforms in post-communist countries; ways of integrating Russia into NATO and expanding the Euro-Atlantic link.

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How does EAFN Work?

The Network is based on an open database of all non-profits, academic communities and activists working on Euro-Atlantic issues, NATO and trans-Atlantic security and integrating new countries in the Atlantic community. The initial step is an appeal to all like-minded groups and individuals to join the network and cooperate.

Second step will be the promotion of the network. EAFN will be promoted through the Internet. An electronic newsletter will monitor all initiatives of the Network members as well as major events in transatlantic relations. The newsletter will be sent to politicians, governmental officials and international organizations. Members of the network will also be able to share their views through an e-mail discussion group.

Organizing conferences both in the US and in Europe will allow EAFN to invite politicians, businessman and other decision-makers to take part in discussions about Euro-Atlantic development and enlargement.

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How can I join the network?

If you are interested in joining us in this initiative or would like to receive more information, please send an e-mail to:

The launching event of the network will be our first global conference on "REDEFINING EUROPE", which will be held March 26-30, 2004 in Prague, Czech Republic.

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