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The Association to Unite the Democracies


The ASSOCIATION TO UNITE THE DEMOCRACIES is an organization dedicated to uniting democratic nations. We envision increased cooperation between all the peoples of the world that will ultimately lead to greater peace, more freedom, and the eventual integration of democratic nations. It is our belief that greater cooperation and federation will create an environment in which fledgling democracies will thrive and non-democracies will seek democracy. We believe that a federation of democracies is the most effective means to address the common problems of all peoples.


Affiliated 501 (c) 3 organizations:




The Ashburn Institute uses new technology such as national and international videoconferencing, to promote international goals for federation, with particular emphasis on interaction of youth.






The Streit Council promotes steps toward Euro-Atlantic federation working at the think-tank and advocacy level. It also focuses on educational research in this area and broader questions relating to uniting democracies