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Our Road Towards Union Now! by Bob Frantz, President and CEO

At a time when political division over Iraq seems to draw borderlines across the Atlantic Ocean, it is vital to reinforce the unity of trans-Atlantic relations. AUD’s mission of promoting a community where people would consider themselves ‘part of the world and not a world apart’ as Clarence Streit described in 1939, has never been more relevant. And never since the spawning days of the Federal Union have we been in a better position to do so.

Historic Joint Meeting: AUD, WFA, and UNA by Tom Hudgens

For the first time in history the Association to Unite the Democracies (AUD),  the World Federalists Association (WFA) and the United Nations Association-USA, Colorado Div. (UNA-USA, CO Div.), all three Charitable and Educational 501-c-3 non-governmental organizations, held a joint meeting from October 24, 2002 through October 27, 2002 at the Marriot S.E. Hotel in Denver, CO. The theme of the meeting was: "Our World - Achieving Safe and Sustainable Governance".

AUD Members Gather in a Convention

A significant event for our organization took place at the Marriott Hotel in Denver when AUD members gathered for a Convention on the evening of October 25th, 2002. For the first time in AUD history, each one of our members finally had a chance to personally make a difference by allowing the association to move forward in the implementation of its mission.

The Community of Democracies: Moving On! by Menko and Helen Rose

“We, the world’s democracies–young and old, developed and developing–stand together on the frontlines of freedom. Our growing Community of Democracies truly represents the world’s greatest hope.”  -- Secretary of State Colin Powell to the Seoul Conference, 11 November 2002.  

Educational Partnership in Prague by Dr. Joseph Drew

By a happy and recent turn of fate, a delightful educational partnership designed to enhance the principle of federalism lies in the offing. The Association to Unite the Democracies and the Anglo-American College of Prague (AAILS) are working together to build a series of educational programs. All of them will be aimed at promoting federalism amongst the nations of Europe and amongst students and future world leaders.

Integration first: American Federalists and the European Union by Piotr Kaznacheev

It is ironic that as the political division between Europe and the United States over a growing number of issues increases, Europe, at the same time, is following the path of federalism inspired by the ideas of the American Founding Fathers. In the contemporary ideological opposition (some analysts go so far as describing it as the contours of the ‘cold war of the twenty-first century’) many Europeans as well as Americans seem to forget the impact that US federalists have had on the formation of the European Union, which is now moving towards the United States of Europe based on a Constitution for all European citizens.

New and Improved AUD Headquarters

Prestige, technology, political advocacy, conferencing and profit center were the advantages that AUD’s president described when introducing the new location. Today, a little more than 4 months after relocating its headquarters, AUD is already tasting the benefits of such a decision. The modern offices, our talented new office manager, the technological facilities and the prestigious setting have rejuvenated high spirits among board members who are now more committed than ever to take advantage of these new facilities in making Clarence Streit’s vision known to the world.

A New Office Manager for AUD

We are happy to announce that Ms. Marielle Reiss has recently re-joined the AUD family, as its new Office Manager. Ms. Reiss is not new to AUD. She first joined as an intern in 1997, when she showed to be a highly qualified and well prepared professional. It was then when Ms. Reiss became familiar with and committed to AUD’s mission. This January she returned to continue working with us towards this mission.

Global Education Initiative: AUD Becomes a Hub in Washington D.C.

A life long educator, AUD Board Member Wayne Jacoby founded Global Education Motivators (GEM) in 1981 and is currently serving as President and CEO of the organization, which he has done since its inception. Wayne began his career in education as a high school social studies teacher from suburban Philadelphia. Today he manages GEM’s programs from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia.

Freedom House's First Thirty Years by Menko and Helen Rose

Democracy is good.  More democracy is better.  Thirty years of increasing democracy-that’s the very best!