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“Waging Peace!” by Bob Frantz, President and CEO

Thinking of this phrase used by Dr. Robert Muller in a recent speech in San Francisco, CA (see article page 8), there is no better time than now for a global dialogue about world peace. It is essential for both international and domestic leaders to bridge our community closer and not farther apart.

European Integration vs. American Friendship by Maksym Kovalov

The European Union is preparing for its most ambitious enlargement ever. Reuniting the European continent will not only consolidate peace and democracy, but will also enable the peoples of Europe to share the benefits of progress and welfare generated by European integration.

Dilemma Remains by Vitaliy Motsok

Proudly staying at the crossroads of neighboring cultures, religions and conceptions of state building, Ukraine has been generating its own original ideas and beliefs for centuries, integrating them with numerous external influences and challenges.

Prague: AUD's Door to Europe

Prague, the “Golden City”, is easily one of the most engaging cities in Europe. Through the centuries it has acquired an unrivalled richness of architectural treasures which now belong to UNESCO’s world cultural heritage. Its unique aesthetic blend of roman, gothic, renaissance, and baroque styles all reflect the successive phases of Czech history.

Global Education Tele-Community Initiative: Moving On

In our last issue of UNITE! we announced that AUD had become one of 14 International Education HUBs of the Global Education Tele-community Initiative (GEI), an international model project whose mission is to end education, gender, and cultural divides.

Ukrainian and American Students Discuss WMD Prolifiration

On May 12, 2003 high school students from Ukraine and the United States along with Democratic Senator Robert E. Andrews all gathered to discuss primarily the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. However, this event was held in a different fashion in that the participants were in their home countries and were able to connect to each other via video-conferencing technology.

University International by Piotr Kaznacheev

There are several processes in international development which are normally attributed to the phenomenon of globalization: the opening to free trade and multinational capital, the increasing migration and new security threats, the changing definition of state sovereignty, and the growing influence of international organizations.

AUD's Summer Team

Far from surrendering to the heat, our Nation’s Capital always seems to thrive in the summer, when interns invade governmental, non-governmental, profit, and non-profit institutions. AUD’s office is no exception to this rule. This summer, two Ukrainian students and one American student have already joined our team.

Academic Achievements for AUD Directors

We are particularly proud to share with our readers the academic achievements of three of our most active Board Members: Ms. Danja Therecka, Mrs. Irma Foley, Mr. John Willard.

The World at Peace? A speech by Dr. Robert Muller

Dr.Robert Muller, former United Nations assistant Secretary General, Chancellor emeritus of the University of Peace in Costa-Rica, and long time AUD supporter was one of the people who witnessed the founding of the United Nations and has worked in support of it ever since. Shortly before the war broke out in Iraq last February, he was in San Francisco to be honored for his service to the world through the UN and through his writings and teachings for peace.