Newsletter June 2003


“Waging Peace!”

Thinking of this phrase used by Dr. Robert Muller in a recent speech in San Francisco, CA (see article page 8), there is no better time than now for a global dialogue about world peace. It is essential for both international and domestic leaders to bridge our community closer and not farther apart. Such a global “mind set” would motivate citizens to encourage their governments to place world peace as their top priority, even if it means a reduction in their immediate individual and national self interests. An essential element to a cohesive global community is to remove conditions that lead to the insecurities which self-serving dictatorships and global corporations thrive on.


Therefore, AUD’s role as an organization promoting international integration of democracies has never been more relevant, important, and promising than today. To further empower our global community and to help establish a global community of peace, AUD now has the capability of adding a piece to the puzzle. Our partnership with the Anglo-American University in Prague and Global Education Motivators in Philadelphia as well as our active involvement in the Global Education Tele-Communities Initiative have given our organization new potential for fulfilling our mission of international integration. Through distant learning and modern communication technology, we bring together the people of the world, thus fostering intercultural exchange, promoting dialogue and mutual understanding, and opening new paths on the road towards peace. We have proven that this medium works well globally and every day we learn from our counterparts around the world that there is a commonality of shared values that, if properly nurtured, can lead to a harmonious world. Let’s use our resources to raise the level of global civility!

We hope you enjoy the newsletter.

-Bob Frantz, President and CEO