Newsletter February 2003


Our Road Towards Union Now!


At a time when political division over Iraq seems to draw borderlines across the Atlantic Ocean, it is vital to reinforce the unity of trans-Atlantic relations. AUDís mission of promoting a community where people would consider themselves Ďpart of the world and not a world apartí as Clarence Streit described in 1939, has never been more relevant. And never since the spawning days of the Federal Union have we been in a better position to do so. Over the past year, AUD has evolved into a modern educational organization. We have started using the latest developments in technology as a means to better spread our message: video-conferencing, video-streaming, and the Internet have become our tools for communication. We have expanded our network and worked in close collaboration with other federalist organizations such as WFA and UNA. We have initiated a Coalition for a Community of Democracies. We have built educational partnerships and will soon be partners to a Global Education Initiative promoting education for all. Today, our eyes turn to Europe as it expands eastward: we are organizing a series of conferences on EU expansion in Prague and look forward to the implementation in Europe of Clarence Streitís unique formula for peace: a union of the free democracies.


While adjusting our work to the new challenges in the international arena, let us remain faithful to our mission and continue spreading the ideals of democracy with the spirit of our early leaders. The following articles will address all of these initiatives.


-Bob Frantz, President and CEO