Newsletter February 2003



AUD Members Gather in a Convention


A significant event for our organization took place at the Marriott Hotel in Denver when AUD members gathered for a Convention on the evening of October 25th, 2002. For the first time in AUD history, each one of our members finally had a chance to personally make a difference by allowing the association to move forward in the implementation of its mission.


Earlier that day, President Bob Frantz had introduced AUD, its goals, and its current activities to AUD/WFA/UNA joint conference participants. Many participants had expressed their interest in the association and several of them spontaneously joined AUD.


At the convention, members adopted the organizationís new bylaws and elected a new board of directors as well an advisory board. Our board of directors is now composed of 19 directors, both long time active members and new young members eager to change the world to a peaceful one through the unification of the major world Democracies.