Newsletter February 2003  


New and Improved AUD Headquarters


In our last issue of Unite! we announced AUDís relocation at the Hall of States. Prestige, technology, political advocacy, conferencing and profit center were the advantages that AUDís president described when introducing the new location. Today, a little more than 4 months after relocating its headquarters, AUD is already tasting the benefits of such a decision. The modern offices, our talented new office manager, the technological facilities and the prestigious setting have rejuvenated high spirits among board members who are now more committed than ever to take advantage of these new facilities in making Clarence Streitís vision known to the world.

Our location today:

444 Hall of States Suite 601C,

 a few minutes walk from the Capitol



First, access to the conference rooms at the Hall of States, which include video and tele-conferencing facilities, have proved very helpful in conducting long distance meetings. The board of directors has so far been able to have several efficient meetings using this method. We plan to take advantage of these rooms in the upcoming Prague Conference to bring together in discussion Prague, Washington and Philadelphia.

The prestige of the new location has also proved worthwhile. We are already starting to establish connections with officials residing at the Hall of States, who would agree to engage in discussions and interviews concerning AUDís mission. These will later be recorded and transmitted through our own new and modern system of film making and video streaming.


New and exciting times have come for AUD . Let us continue using modern information technology as the most effective way of spreading our message throughout the world , at the age of globalization.


Office Manager Marielle 

Reiss and Board Member 

Piotr Kaznacheev in our