Newsletter June 2003


Academic Achievements for AUD Directors


We are particularly proud to share with our readers the academic achievements of three of our most active Board Members.


Ms. Danja Therecka, a 22 year old Albanian student, recently graduated from American University with a BA in International Relations and Affairs. Danja first joined the AUD family as an intern in the summer of 2002, when she proved her skills and commitment to AUDís mission. She was elected to the Board of Directors in October 2002 and has been very active working in our headquarters.


Mrs. Irma Foley, a young women from Bosnia who recently acquired American citizenship graduated from American University Law School, and will take the bar exam this summer. Irma is a two time Frank Education Fund scholar and a member of our Frank Fund Scholarship Committee.


Mr. John Willard, a professional environmental consultant and a father of three graduated from the University of Maryland with a Masterís degree in History. John has been involved with AUD since 2002, when he expressed his interest in the spread of democratic values around the world. His expertise in the historical arena, management system experience, and organizational development skills are undeniable assets to AUD.


Congratulations to our Graduates for their outstanding academic achievements!