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Declaration of Interdependence September 12th, 2003 , by Robert Frantz, President

Sitting in the Benjamin Franklin Hall auditorium of the American Philosophical Society on September 12th, 2003, I faced the portrait of Thomas Jefferson and reflected on our American history and the freedoms we as Americans have enjoyed until 9/11—freedoms that were initiated by the Declaration of Independence. Over 200 years later, I have the opportunity to listen to a long list of prominent speakers, led by host Benjamin Barber, declaring this day as the "Day of Interdependence"—a declaration being launched collaboratively around the world.


Mayme and Herb Frank Education Fund: FIVE REWARDS FOR FALL 2003

This past June, AUD’s Frank Educational Fund Committee met to review scholarship applications for the Fall Semester of 2003. Once again, competition was fierce and proposals most relevant to AUD’s mission were outstanding in their quality and academic level. Twelve out of more than 40 applications received closer examination from the jury, and five young graduate students were awarded a scholarship for this fall.


  HEALING WOUNDS: The Future of Transatlantic Relations, by Marielle Reiss                                                                                     Historically, enmity between the United States and European powers is nothing new, and arguments have become a recurring factor in transatlantic relations. The crisis over Iraq is unlikely to be the last, but its depth has gone beyond usual disagreements and created a sense of alarm about the relationship.

 US-Ukraine Relations: WHAT WENT WRONG?, by Kseniya Khovanova                                                                                                  U.S.-Ukraine relations are probably going through their most difficult and complex period since Ukraine regained independence in 1991. The challenge today for those who are interested in their improvement is to move forward to solve the problems and begin to restore some of the momentum that the relationship has had five to six years ago.

 REDEFINING EUROPE Prague Conferences: Shaping Up                                                                                                                              Next Spring, Prague, the “window showing the light of freedom between east and west”, will once again become the center of our focus as we launch our new series of global conferences on Redefining Europe.

AUD’S YOUTH MOVEMENT REVIVED                                                                                                                                                    Over the past few months, we have been fortunate to witness a growing interest from students in our activities and projects. The relevance of our mission in today’s world combined with a focus on cross-cultural debate and the use of modern communication technology appeals particularly to the younger generations.

UNDERSTANDING GLOBALIZATION TO SUSTAIN DEMOCRACY                                                                                                       On July 31st, 2003 a significant event for AUD’s educational program development occurred at the Hall of States. That day Global Education Motivators (GEM), the National Learning Foundation and AUD hosted a conference to disseminate distance learning opportunities to a worldwide network of schools and other educational organizations. Discussions focused on how to talk about world issues to young people across the miles. By using distance learning, we bring the world into the classroom in real time, with real people, about real issues. The representatives of the different organizations in attendance each presented their real-world projects.

EAST MEETS WEST                                                                                                                                                                                        The unprecedented solidarity of NATO countries demonstrated after the attacks of September 11 created a unique mood of solidarity in the greater Euro-Atlantic area; the attacks have confirmed the need to protect and promote democratic values, freedom and civil society throughout the world.