The Association to Unite the Democracies
       is a 501c3 non-profit educational membership organization

AUD administers a scholarship program to support the study of federalism and international integration at the graduate and post-graduate level. Established in 1989, the scholarship program is conducted through the Frank Educational Fund (FEF), which is supported by the Mayme and Herbert Frank Educational Trust.

FEF grants are available to any graduate student of good academic standing for work on one or more of the following:

  1. A thesis or dissertation relating to international integration and federalism;
  2. Coursework that places major weight on international integration and federalism.
  3. An independent project relating to international integration and federalism.

Awards generally range from $500 to $2000 depending on relevance to the goals of the Fund, quality of the project, and academic standing of the applicant.

The deadlines for application are April 1 for Fall term awards and October 1 for Spring term awards.

Examples of some past projects:

  1. A theory-based analysis of possible federal solutions to the Cyprus problem.
  2. A paper addressing the development of federal foreign and security
  3. policies for Europe, both under the Maastricht Treaty and through complementary measures.
  4. A dissertation on the history of AUD, its founder, Clarence Streit, and the Atlantic Union Movement in general.
  5. A study of center-periphery relations within the Russian Federation with a conceptual discussion of federalism.



The Association To Unite The Democracies
The Frank Education Fund
502 H Street, S. W.
Washington, DC 20024-2726

Ph: (202) 544-5150 -or- 1-800-AT-UNITE
Fax- (202) 544-3742 E-mail-

Please note: Due dates are April 1 for the Fall term awards and October 1 for Spring term awards.


Social Security Number_________________________


City________________________State_______________Zip Code______________




1. Period of the proposed grant____________________semester/quarter, _________

2. Expected completion date_______________________________

3. List and describe any courses presently planned to be completed during the period proposed. (Attach on a separate page.)

4. Give a concise yet complete description of the project relating to international integration and federalism and how this will fit the requirements of the Frank Educational Fund. (Attach on a separate page.)

5. Enclose a brief writing sample.

6. Enclose a copy of your graduate transcript (or have it sent separately by the institution and so indicate here).

7. After receiving your application we will mail you a relevant text. Please subsequently submit a 500 word commentary on the text .

Signature___________________________________ Date__________________________

It is the policy of the Frank Educational Fund to send award payments directly to the graduate institution in payment of the awardees tuition and fees. For expediency in this process, please answer the questions below:

A. Will you be required to pay tuition or fees to the institution during the period of the proposed grant?__________________

B. To whom should these payments be directed (e.g. department of study, office of student receivables, etc.) Please give the mailing address and, if known, the person to whose attention payment should be directed.