Season’s Greetings!


Dear Members

Thanksgiving is behind us and Christmas is just around the corner; we gave our thanks in November and are now thinking about gifts. We hope that you will keep AUD in your thoughts by renewing your membership with us. This is a tax-deductible contribution. Please use the return envelope enclosed with the newsletter to make your donation.

Many things are happening at our office as we are moving forward and gaining strength. Videoconference has almost become a daily event as we expand our global network both through common program with our partners and through our own initiatives. Here is an example of our daily routine over the past two weeks:

All aspects of our “Redefining Europe” series of events have been defined: the Prague Conference of March 2004 is shaping up; we have secured participation of several universities across the Euro-Atlantic area to our parallel student videoconference series; we have conceptualized the inclusion of high schools in the project through our Globalization and Democracy high school videoconference program.

We have conducted several videoconferences: with Oklahoma State University, the University of Poznan in Poland, and the University of Kiev in Ukraine. In all three universities, students and professors expressed their interest in cooperating with us not only on the “Redefining Europe” series of events, but also in future programs and initiatives.

With Dr. Joe Drew, AUD Board member and Chancellor of the Anglo-American University of Prague, we have met Dr. Madeleine Albright’s assistant to invite her to participate in our Prague Conference and to secure her future participation in a series of lectures on the Community of Democracies to be held at the Anglo-American collage of Prague.

We have participated in global high-school videoconferences –Washington, D.C., Mexico City, Cairo, and Pretoria were among the sites to discuss student empowerment through technology. The uniqueness of the experience was the presence of the U.S. Secretary of Education in the D.C. classroom and of the ministers of education from the other three participating countries in their respective classrooms.

We initiated two videoconferences with the Kiev National Aviation University to develop a partnership with George Washington University on global security.

Thanks to our partnership with Global Education Motivators in Philadelphia, we have sent students to participate through videoconference in the December 5th United Nations Human Rights Day.

As you can see, we are keeping busy. Following the spirit of AUD’s early leaders, we share with others the rights and opportunities we enjoy, thus expanding the boundaries of stable durable and peaceful democracy. Distant learning and videoconference technology work well globally; every day we learn from our counterparts around the world that there is a commonality of shared values that, if properly nurtured, can lead to a harmonious world.


Now more than ever, we need your support. Our voice is small, but when joined with others, we can help establish a global community of peace.


Happy Holidays!

Bob Frantz